The Day Time Stood Still

The Day Time Stood Still
Close-up of the town Katrina Memorial.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Garden Update!

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Garden update, after the high drama involving the city Parks & Recreation dept. uprooting people's community garden plots, sporadically planting them with pansies, and spraying chemical pesticides all over the place, all because (supposedly) the local councilman "wants to see color when he drives by the park." This is the same councilman who wanted to get rid of the basketball courts because the drug dealers hang out there. I got news for ya, Mr. Councilman: getting rid of the basketball courts where local kids play--local kids who eagerly agreed to watch over my garden plot in exchange for some of the produce--is not going to fix your ward's drug dealing problems. And if it would--you'd also have to get rid of half the street corners and most of the convenience store parking lots. Just sayin'.

A few pansies in the formerly fertile community garden plots:

My garden--Hurrah!!
The herb corner:
Peppers & okra:

"Take what you need, & nothing more/So that all may eat, & be restored."
(zukes on top)

Random beautiful flowers:

Fido the Guard Cat, at the boys' house:

Pure intimidation:

That's all the time we have for today, join us next weekend for a recap of Equity & Inclusion's Spring Legislative Days in DC: Leah Attempts to be a Lobbyist for the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act! (This should be interesting, as I brought with me not one conservative skirt, suit jacket, or pair of sensible pumps to wear in our nation's Capitol.) Also stay tuned for segments on the long-awaited Friday morning Illinois Constituent Coffee & Donuts Session with Senators Durbin & Obama, and Crashing the DC Area W Young Alumnae Get-Together!